Call For Papers

Are you ready to be part of the solution? 

This year’s InnovateELT theme attempts to address the following challenges in an optimistic, practical way: 

  • The relevance of classroom practice to the future education and employment needs of English language students
  • Practical ideas for sustainable classrooms, schools and publishing
  • The wider context of changes in education, employment and the environment 

We are excited to feature sessions that tie into any of the themes of employability, sustainability and innovation within ELT. Please apply if you feel you can deliver valuable input with practical takeaways for anyone involved in the industry, including teachers, teacher trainers, materials writers, content designers, marketers, edtech experts, and learners. 

Classroom ideas, management talks and teacher training sessions are all welcome. As always, relevance to our theme is an important criterion for us when selecting talks.

We’d love to feature talks on topics such as:

  • Employability and future skills
  • Sustainability and industry practices
  • Professional development and innovation
  • Sustainability and publishing
  • Applications of new tech for good
  • Outside examples ELT can apply
  • New skills for learners and teachers to learn
  • Future-proofing the role of the teacher
  • Political change and education

Submission deadline

31st January 2020
23:59 GMT

What are the formats?

30-minute session

Talks don’t have to involve your audience, but they should leave attendees with some clear benefit of having spent their time with you. These will be in rooms with internet connection and a projector.

60-minute workshop (limited no.)

Workshops should get attendees thinking and creating things themselves and in small groups. We can help you set up your room in the way that best facilitates your desired outcome. The room will have an internet connection and a projector.

Limited number of sessions available.

60-minute session with learners (limited no.)

These sessions will involve you teaching a class of 6–10 Spanish-speaking, B1/B2-level learners for about 30 minutes, observed by delegates. The remainder of the session should include opportunities for feedback and discussion of the lesson with learners and delegates in groups, plenary or a combination of both. The room will have an internet connection and a projector.

Limited number of sessions available.

60-minute drop-in sessions

These are a collection of one hour hands on sessions that will be running simultaneously.

Attendees will be encouraged to move between them, dropping in and out as they explore the different sessions. Rooms are equipped with internet connection and a projector.

There are few different types of session that work well in this format:

Workshop / Self learning activities
A workshop with activities that attendees can drop in and out of at any time. It might work well to set up different activities in different tables, with the instructions of the activity which attendees will be able to read and set up by themselves.

Showcase of products
If you’d like to showcase your products, it would work well to lay them out in different tables and perhaps set up tasks for attendees to do.

Remember these are open door sessions. You need to be prepared for attendees to come and go.

Before submitting....

Deadline for submissions is Friday 31st January 2020 23:59 GMT

We offer speakers discounted ticket prices, which helps us maintain InnovateELT as an affordable, high-quality event.

Make sure that your session fits the theme of the conference and is relevant for your audience.

English is the official language of the conference, but we also welcome a number of submissions in Catalan or Spanish.

Both successful and unsuccessful speakers will be contacted by the middle of February 2020.

Are you ready?

All full paper submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, relevance to the theme of the conference, as well as the conference principles, that can be found in our manifesto.

Apply here or fill out our form below.

If you are submitting a joint presentation, one speaker needs to submit the main call for papers form, and the other joint one/s need to submit this different form.